Of all the advetures I’ve lived
You and I will ever remain unfinished.
If our life lines chance to cross again
I will crawl over to you once more and
Lie down in the crinkles of your eyes where
Only your tears can carry me away.

Remember our dark places, stuffed
With mumbled words I barely heard,
That day they had me surrounded.
With my back pressed to concrete
I watched your hands pull me apart, then
Like a broken necklace, beads rained on the earth
We didn’t think to collect them afterwards.

Later, we drank in too much of each other
You fell asleep while I hummed all night
The tune of yours and my story
In fear that I’d forget it if I closed my eyes.
My throat hurt by the time the sun came up
So you asked if you could carry on.

As you took me home to rest
I recall our song trailing behind us
And you getting tangled in my hair
Just before your whispered goodbye
Lulled me to sleep.
You must have fallen asleep too
For I woke up to the silence of words forgotten.

-Miss Daisy

Letting you in

How do I clothe my half naked attraction?
Though it has been quite a while,
We all know how these things go:
The secret glances you think went unnoticed,
Heart stopping everytime you hear that name…
Then how every touch sears into your skin
And your arm hairs ripple in…protest?

Maybe I could start acting a little less sober,
Like letting you see beyond what’s in these eyes
And letting myself feel the feather light
Caress of your voice on my heart.
I could even let you draw from my lips
The tales of my tragic past
And let you crawl into my wounds.

-Miss Daisy


I place the mirror by the wall
And sit close to the stranger’s body
Whose eyes look into mine with no recognition.
I resist the urge to look away,
This time I won’t leave till I know her.

I trace every inch of dark skin,
Shut my eyes and hold my breath
Listening to whispered truths
Emanating from this body in waves;
Nothing escapes me.

I will see what they see on this face
When I look up and smile at the sun,
Memorise every breath in my chest
And count the shattering heaves of my heart break.
I will find the point where my tear stains
Meet the furrows of my smile lines,
Then focus on it during all my battles.

I sit infront of the mirror to learn
How to reflect the light of life.
Maybe then I’ll see through myself,
Into the beauty of my being
And find the love within.

-Miss Daisy


So still, I almost didn’t see you there
So when you stepped forward
And out of your camouflage
I couldn’t contain the breath that escaped me,
Like an enemy’s blow to the stomach
That left me feeling so alive.

And I am fascinated by the childlike wonder
That must be shining through my eyes
But what I see in response is practised polite exasperation,
The smile you wear doesn’t tickle your eyes
Though clearly puts across the message
It’s just looks, they don’t define me.

-Miss Daisy

When It Hurts

I can’t believe how much this hurts

Yet we just can’t seem to feel it

See, all we ever worry about

Is whether I’m okay, or you’re okay-

Are you okay?


I could weep for days if only

I could gather up all of

The broken pieces in my hands

And hold them up to my face,

Watch blood seeping through my fingers…

But I just can’t seem to find them.


Maybe when I no longer picture your smile

And the memories fade from my mind

Will I wear loneliness on my head

And feel its weight bear me down.

Then I’ll let the tears fall along with me

Down, down, down

Then I’ll mourn a loss that I can touch.


-Miss Daisy

Elemental Poetry

Have I ever told you, I think

Our souls were woven from the same thread

Maybe that’s why during the fray

We held on for dear life

Till the elements tore us apart

The tailor’s snippetty snip shears.

Have I ever told you, I think

That love is everything and nothing

A doubled edged sword fashioned from light

We held on for dear life

Till the elements cut us into pieces

The butcher’s choppetty chop knives.

Have I ever told you, I think

That we should have been telepathic

So much lost in words that do no justice to these thoughts

We held on for dear life

Till the elements pulled us apart

Like nothing I can ever imagine.

                                     -Miss Daisy

We were young

Do you ever feel like life’s experiences have sapped the adventure out of your soul? I know I do. Lately I have been passing up so many potentially fun activities on the pretext of being ‘too old’ for them. In my defense, I kinda am…but that’s not helping my argument.

I’ve let life-stuff take over me-stuff. I remember when I’d do things just because! Now, there has to be a reason, a list of pros and cons to go along with what I believe society would accept, in order for me to make my decisions. I do not blame society, but then again, it does dictate a lot of what I do. Which is not healthy. I will work on that.

Adventure- excitement and the willingness to take risks, try new ideas, etc.
Since it doesn’t say ‘restricted to people below a certain age’, I’ll definitely try some new undertakings soon.

We were young

When we were young
Full of life and light
We’d play with the rain drops
And skip over puddles
We were little, but strong
Braving the evening cold
As we descended the hills
After our days of adventure
We were once young
Bright eyed with wide smiles
Before the world shot down

Our heads from the clouds.
                                     -Miss Daisy


It is the same thing over and over again
just an unending cycle of starts and stops
an unhindered loop of beginnings and endings
it is all a rotation of war and peace.
But maybe we weren’t meant for this
this disturbance of never living in peace.
A Palestinian plants flowers in spent rocket shells,
near the shell of a mosque that was once hell.
Everyone knows this story never ended well
but nobody will face a cat they really can’t bell.
And it is the same thing over and over again
an unending cycle of starts and stops
an unhindered loop of beginnings and endings
it is all a rotation of war and peace.
A boy listens to the lunch time ring of a bell
and he decides that this is the time he’ll learn to spell.
Not because this boy loves to spell
but the idea of home to him is just stale,
some crazy men shelled their homestead.
And it is the same thing over and over again
an unending cycle of starts and stops
an unhindered loop of beginnings and endings
it is all a rotation of war and peace.
But everyone says they’ve seen it all before,
that there’s nothing shocking about this war,
if there was, it doesn’t shock anymore.
It’s all come to numerical sums of numbers,
it is a ridiculous game you really can’t follow
and it is the same thing over and over again
an unending cycle of starts and stops
an unhindered loop of beginnings and endings
it is just a rotation of war and peace.

                                                                  – Sanya Noel

Eeeeek!!! I’m so very excited. Can you tell?
The only thing ultimately cooler than guest posting is being the host of a guest post (insert smiley ‘surprise!!’ face).

I am hosting  Sanya Noel, a blogger I had been following for a while before running into him at an Amka Space session. I’m glad to announce that I kept my cool, so ‘Yeiiih’ for me. Go check out his blog over at Move Breathing, where he writes poetry as well as pieces on life stuff, writing and writers and reading. I also like the fact that I get to find out about books on poetry and other subjects from his posts.

Enjoy, and Happy Weekend!!

Open Bar

Let us have excuses all around, on me
For my cup is brimmed with love
Pouring over to fill yours, his and theirs
Hell, I’ll put a sign up front ‘open bar’
No, I won’t be hiring soon, no help wanted
This is a one girl show.
Nobody’s paying tonight, please, I insist
Not tips either, I’m feeling generous
That, my friend, is how I run a tight ship
What’s in it for me, you ask?
Your smile when you walk out the door
Whistle a merry tune when you leave.
I’ll make excuses for you every time
When you break the glasses, make a mess
I’ll give you the benefit of doubt
When you forget to pick the bill
I know it’s no way to run a business
But that’s just the way I was created.

                                                   -Miss Daisy