I want

 This has been an eventful week for me, and a bit emotional but I won’t get into that. I am finding out a lot about people and learning to look at them objectively. Does that make sense? I have also discovered that I am growing. Yeah, how about that? I’ve been looking back at some mistakes I have made with very little or no urge at all to regret and want to take them back. Someone once said, ‘Live and let learn’. I think it was a movie, because I have serious grammar-related issues with that statement. It was definitely not something I read.

Microscopic capsulated organisms
I love microorganisms
Lately, lab sessions have been very social, and frankly, lots of fun. I’d like to share an obscure poem semi-co-written (Oh, it’s more complicated than that!!) by two biochemists in the making… one of them being me. (Just in case that part wasn’t so obvious.)
Here’s to obscurity, because this poem does have a deeper meaning, though it may not seem like it.
I want
I want earphones as big as speakers
That will send the musical tremors
Resounding, reverberating in my chest
Pounding hauntingly
Moving and swaying me.
I want
I want lollipops that fall like rain
That give me a rush long enough
For three hours of crazy, wild dancing
Like insanely concentrated adrenalin shots
Yeah, that’d probably kill me.
I want
I want a car like the passing clouds
To change colour like the weather
Light as a breeze, plus I’d need no fuel
I’d float away like magic fairy dust
And never get stuck in traffic.
I want
I want to live large like a boulder
To shake the world when I roll
With a soft bed of moss on my side
To hear the whispering trees all day
And the secrets of the insects beneath me.
                                                              -Miss D. and G.J.

I happened upon this 4-legged insect on the strangest shaped spider web of all time!! I’m sorry for the obscurely taken shot… yeah, it happens to be my word of the day in all its forms!!
X marks the spot..cool spider web

When your hair don’t shine

Let’s play a little game called ‘I have been’. I’ll go first, okay?

I have been so down that my hair lost its shine. I fact, I am so down right now, my hair’s so dull and sad. The first reason is that I spent so much money on a certain cosmetic product mistaking it for another. It was my fault, really. I should have taken time to read the label.
Secondly, I have just been corrected. It has been a week of that, and it’s only Wednesday. While I don’t mind correction, it gets me down for a couple of reasons: It’s always about something that I have been thinking of changing, something I hate people doing but didn’t realise I also do it, or something that I’ve been doing subconsciously all this time but no one (till now) thought to point out.
Oh wait, there’s one more thing that’s getting me even lower in today’s particular situation. While my mistake was corrected in the most gentle of ways, self conscious ol’ me had to get it in my head that every time I see this person who corrected me, said person will always be judging me about it. That never happens, right? I mean, I certainly do not judge people after correcting them.
Every cloud has a silver lining. My silver lining this afternoon’s that this low feeling I have, just generated a post. When I decided to start a blog, I thought my excitement and gusto to write posts (even if not daily) would last forever! I couldn’t possibly see myself having nothing to write about. Till today. I got home thinking how I really had nothing to say. But that changed, clearly.

My view from the front seat- Campaign vehicle
 I just remembered!! The highlight of my morning was the inter campus ride on the school bus today. I love, love, simply LOVE riding in the bus, sitting right at the front next to the door…! Sigh, simple pleasures!
Right next to the door

Before I leave, I make a tribute to love! It’s beautiful, sad, magical and tragic. Check out Thought of You by Ryan Woodward   It’s a beautiful blend of music, dance, art and love! It really is worth your time.

Back to school (shoes)!

Well, school’s back on- a sparkling, shiny, new year ahead. Boy, am I excited!! Yes, I love school. I love going to school, so much so that I went out to buy book covers (I had used them all up…and I live in a house with three school going kids!!) and other materials. I am among the few university going students who still covers her notebooks and has these labels with spaces where one writes his/her name, school, class and subject. I find it excitingly tidy to do so. I prefer my books still in one piece, rather than a tattered mess at the end of the semester. No judgement to anyone, our variety makes life all that more exciting!!
China-made covers might make me smarter..?
My Aunt M. asked me how I felt about my being so close to finishing my undergraduate studies. Honestly, it’s a bit scary. I find that there’s a comfort to the routine that is going to school every weekday. And we all know what every adult (not that I do not consider myself an adult) tells us about the big, bad, scary world out there (because I presently dwell inside this safe bubble)! That conversation sort of ended there…
In some way, I hope to always have an educational institution to go to. Lucky me, I might say, since I am in this dynamic and ever changing field of science. School might  just be a constant part of my life.
Tres francais, tres chic!
In other news, I got the most ‘French’ pair of shoes. They remind me of mimes and the flag of France. I love them so much, I wanna wear them to bed!! How deep is my love, people?