Old friend, it’s strange meeting you here.
Remember the last time we met, we
Shot for the clouds, but never quite made it
So we built castles in the air
And laughed our hearts out
To soothe the sting of disappointment.

Here we are again, this time you and I
Are far away from home but I can
Still make out your face in the moonlight
That plays hide and seek in the clouds.
You look me in the eyes and it scares me,
What if we did make it this time?

I can almost hear you whisper it,
That we’ll not let history repeat herself.
That’s the sound of an adventure to me
Ringing louder than my fluttering heartbeat.

-Miss Daisy

Elemental Poetry

Have I ever told you, I think

Our souls were woven from the same thread

Maybe that’s why during the fray

We held on for dear life

Till the elements tore us apart

The tailor’s snippetty snip shears.

Have I ever told you, I think

That love is everything and nothing

A doubled edged sword fashioned from light

We held on for dear life

Till the elements cut us into pieces

The butcher’s choppetty chop knives.

Have I ever told you, I think

That we should have been telepathic

So much lost in words that do no justice to these thoughts

We held on for dear life

Till the elements pulled us apart

Like nothing I can ever imagine.

                                     -Miss Daisy


Hello lovely people!!
It’s a new year! Happy 2014!!

It’s been a while, I know, but we can pretend I never left. A lot has happened, most of which has taught me to look at life more objectively. My head may still be in the clouds, but a little closer to earth this year.
I have realised, first hand, that God (Life or The Universe) only gives us what we are able to handle. We often look back at events and  ask ourselves how we got out of the various situations, when at the particular moments, we thought we were going to JUST DIE!!

I’ve also learnt to take things calmly and award blame to the guilty party, mostly myself.
I have learnt, finally, how prayer works. We do not always get what we want, when we want it and most importantly, how we want it. Someone out there knows what is best for you.
Now, aside from the vague life lessons of the year past…

Oh wait! Last year I began attending a creative writing session which I found greatly beneficial for my poetry writing. Unlike open mic sessions, this one enables others to openly critique your work without prejudice. A public reading of a piece is done, the author remaining anonymous, after which people give their opinions of the work. The author may, afterwards, choose to reveal him/herself.

Anyway, for the holidays, we had an assignment where we had to write a piece (poem, story or play {one page/act) everyday for 50 days. The aim of this was to accustom ourselves to writing without the need of a muse or a greatly moving life event acting as inspiration. It is hard! But it is working. However, this exercise seems to be revealing ‘strange’ themes that I did not know were running around in my head. That’s good, right?
I intend to share these ‘everyday poems’ this year, as well as some poems I wrote way back when I was starting out. I hope you enjoy them.
Life’s Blood
What lies deep inside is
A quiet kind of love, my kind
Flowing along the edges of my heart
Slowly, steadily rushing
Feeding the body of us
Our life’s blood
It is a winding river
Ripling ever so gently in the wind
Along it’s curved banks and beds
Slowly, steadily rushing
Feeding the sea of us
Our life’s blood
                                         -Miss Daisy

Last Friday Night

Well, as I’d mentioned, last Friday (17th of May) I performed my first piece. It was amazing and scary, exciting and such fun, all at the same time. I was one half of a duet and we did pretty well for first timers. I barely remember being aware of myself during the whole thing but I know I enjoyed it…such is shock!

I would like to thank all my friends who turned up to offer their support, paparazzi prowess and voices that made for the loudest and most encouraging cheers. I won’t forget those friends who couldn’t make it, but sent their best wishes. You guys are amazing, thank you.

The venue was St. Andrews Church during the Eve of Poetry – an event that takes place on the third Friday of every month from 5.30 pm to 8.00 pm. I know you want to check it out. The next one’s on the 21st of June. Just to put it bluntly, this is an open invitation.

Since I couldn’t get a hold of the entire piece combined, I’ll just post my part. Trust me on this though, the two poems with the blending styles of writing and performance was something different. Check out Pablo’s blog here.

This month’s theme was ‘My Friend Called Music’. Here’s my part of the poem, The Master’s Playlist:

Don’t you sing in melody
Sounds of the sweet symphonies
Shut your eyes and feel it run in you
Sway to the plucking of the strings
Or rather move to the beat
And tap your feet, fingers snapping
To a second heart beat
Move, move to the new rhythm of love
Falling to the earth from up above
From angels’ lips on high
Opening up like the morning glory
Teach us new ways to give thanks.
Make music now, make sweet music
To move the souls of men
The happy journey to His heart
Strike the chords of love
With love
With all the vigour that you can muster
Sing today, sing, sing your song
Make it your own, for the Master.
                                                    -Miss Daisy


Last Friday, I had my first spoken word performance. While it was exciting, I will talk about it on a future post. I just thought I’d fore mention it for suspense purposes…yeah, that’s  how I like to keep this relationship (reader-blogger) interesting.

On to what got me online tonight. I wrote a rather special piece that I’d like to dedicate to a dear, special friend and an ardent reader of my work. I hope you all enjoy it.

For You

Behind those beautiful eyes,
Resides a child-like innocence
Teach me, then we’ll both be staring
Wide eyed, watching the world
As the skyline slowly darkens tonight.
Maybe darkness comes upon me
When your sun finally sets
And you lay your head to rest.
Honestly, I could stay up till the morn
To see the sunrise in your eyes
And feel the warmth of your smile
Before the rest of the world does.
I would go as far as asking you
To set down the world from your shoulders
That I alone may lean on you.

                                                                                                        -Miss Daisy

Decision Making

I hate these moments when there’s one thing on your mind the entire day and when you think you’ve finally forgotten to remember to think about it, you see a slight movement at the corner of your eye, or hear the vibration of your phone accompanied by the blinking light and you give a start. You think, ‘Confound it all!!’ It’s made its way to your subconscious mind. Not good! The worst part is that you had not dared to admit it to yourself that it was bugging you, because you actually care and are really concerned.
Well, I made a decision that I’m not entirely confident was the right thing to do…wait, okay. Let me say that again, better this time. I made a decision that was the right thing FOR  ME to do. I hate that!! Every time something reminds me of that decision, I feel as though my heart is being wrung. I want to take it back. Who cares about the ‘me’ part? Let ‘myself’ and ‘I’ be happy go lucky for now and ‘me’ can just roll along with it till we all get hurt. At least it was worth it, right?
My decision was meant to lead to something better. It doesn’t seem so right now. I don’t see anything different, or any change. And since I’m a ‘tangible results’ kind of person with expectations always in mind, I’m all bothered. Maybe I need to wait for it, yes? Because this could be one of those life lessons in patience. Again, I hate that!!
I could just decide to mentally flush all this out and start anew. I like new beginnings: nothing to think about, past where it belongs and all of life’s brilliant white pages waiting for me to write and draw on (because I seem to think of life as a drawing book).
I hope someone elsewhere sees this (raises their left hand slightly forward, closes their eyes, gently bows and shakes their head) and says ‘Amen’, since I am going through exactly the same situation as they are, because life’s experiences cannot begin to get original in this century. If not, then my situation cannot get any clearer than explained above without me stating exactly what I am going through, giving names and pointing fingers. Who wants that?
In other news..
I have taken up running on Sundays, because I’ve been lazy, disorganised (did I mention lazy?) and unfit. I feel as though stating this will make me accountable so that this time, I won’t quit like the last five times in the past three years. Yeah, terrible track record. Pun completely intended. Did anyone get that? I will be running, like running track… 

Wish me luck!! 

First post and other things

I’m so excited…really excited!! I got up this morning and decided to create a blog, not to document my life as such, but to write, think my thoughts out loud and just express…things.
I find this to be such a convenient time to start new things in my life, a new year is always the perfect ‘excuse’ for new beginnings. So, hurrah to 2013!!

Why I had not done this sooner may be due to fear. The fear of the pressure to write something different and new and the fear of my thoughts being slightly more exposed to others than I’d like. But you know what? I can totally overcome all this fear and live for me, for the simple reason that is- just because I want to.

         What it takes
What does it take…
To let go of the rails
To swim in the deep
Chancing encounters
With storms and sharks
To let loose a little
To let the wind sway you
Like a tree in the breeze
That could break and fall
To jump in head first
To be totally immersed
Like a heart in love
Stitched after a heart break
To smile at a stranger
To dance in the rain
And laugh heartily
Even if you’re the only one
It takes a dark cloud
A glance upon death’s face
When you suddenly realise what
You have got here and now
It doesn’t have to be that way.

I have a good feeling about this. It’s like opening a Christmas (New Year’s) present!