I call this, Wild Horse

Due to certain events of my life, I find myself too distracted to write. I thought this would be the perfect time to share a poem written by another. I love, love, LOVE this poem!! I would like to be able to draw such vivid scenes with my words.
 I watched it’s performance on Def Poetry Jam last year and wrote down the transcription, so forgive me if I got some of the words wrong.
Enjoy, and save the rhinos.

Love poem by Jewel -Def Poet
I’d like to call you my wild horse
And feed you silver sage
I’d like to paint my poems with desert tongued clay across your back
And ride you savagely as the sweet and Southern wind through a green and wild Kentucky
I’d like to make you my secret sun
Blazing dark and red in the orange shades
And I would steal away to watch the way your silver belly bends and bows beneath me
I’d make you my wings in the foothills of Montana
My lover in the oceans of the world
I’d make you my calico children and scatter you across the green memories of home
I’d be your hungry valley

And sow your golden fields of wheat in my womb.

Self discipline

There are moments in my life when I am in a position to change the outcome of a certain future event. Now, I’m not saying I have incredible powers of foresight. I mean, changing consequences. An example is a situation whereby one can chose to study for that coming test to ensure that said person celebrates when the results are released.
Like that is not motivation enough (it should be, since it’s akin to holding a bit of one’s future in one’s hands), in these moments I succumb to an overwhelming, bone paralysing, bout of laziness. I have been called Lazy Daisy a couple of times; I really hope it’s not beginning to stick. I always seem to find more important things to do, like writing a new post while doing my nails with my favourite playlist in the background!! Yeah, I know, I am a multitasking miracle. But I really just want to sit and do the important task at hand, and I pray (I consider myself rather religious) to God to give me the grace and strength to convert that WANTING into actually DOING that task…to glorious completion.
Come now, self discipline, my elusive friend.
Mellow Yellow

Thoughts in my mind
Slow way down.
A settling silence
Utter and complete.
Heart responds
Beating in a murmur,
Almost stopping.
Eyelids descend
Feeling suddenly heavy,
Like the thoughts
Weighing me down
A little while ago.
Lights in my head
Dim, then darkness.
And for that moment
I am still as death
As if my existence
Did cease.