Of Politics and Food

March 4th- I am proud to announce my taking part in the most historic electoral process of Kenya. It was my first time voting so I was pretty excited. I was at the polling station at a quarter to five and was done in exactly two hours. I do applaud those, like my brother, who were there before 6 and queued for ten hours. I really do applaud the sacrifice and commitment.

So now the country awaits new leaders. The best thing about all this is that we get a week off school to catch up with study, lab reports, novels, friends and MOVIES!! I am so distracted and unfocused…I’m all over the place, going crazy over a weeks holiday: a charged molecule.

A group of friends and I got together today to cook. We made spaghetti bolognaise and chocolate brownies. It was amazing and delicious, at some point I wondered why technology had no way of saving the taste of food for later!!

 After loads of kitchen fun, we had a spectacular meal that everyone loved. Contact me for the recipes!

The meal

Since it’s food I’m showing off, have a look at my minty fish fillet from Monday night…mmmmmmh!!

Minty fish

Fish fillet and a party

During the previous week, I made oven fish fillet. It was delicious!! The fish was marinated for three hours in the fridge with a marinade comprising: a teaspoon of yoghurt, salt, mixed spices and dried mint. It was cooked in the oven for an hour at 180 degrees C. It was so tasty, we (my family and I) ate it all before I remembered to take a picture of the cooked product. Take my word for it though, it turned out great.

Ready to cook

 Yesterday (Saturday) I attended a friend’s son’s first birthday party. I admit, I didn’t think I would have fun, but everyone had such a wonderful time despite the fact that it ended at 6.30 pm!! There was good food, music (what is thought to be good music in this era), a couple of kids playing video games and great company from strangers and friends alike. Best of all, I made the fun half of a pair of cool aunts who did not buy him a toy, but a book and crayons! The education system awaits a new student with glee!

From fun aunties with Neon Love

      Ghost of You
City lights
Outside the window
Painted stars
On the canvas
Of night so black.
Eyes looking into mine
Bated breath
You close in
Come no closer
I won’t draw back.
Fading away
Leaving your breath
On my face
Palm pressed
Against mine.