It is the same thing over and over again
just an unending cycle of starts and stops
an unhindered loop of beginnings and endings
it is all a rotation of war and peace.
But maybe we weren’t meant for this
this disturbance of never living in peace.
A Palestinian plants flowers in spent rocket shells,
near the shell of a mosque that was once hell.
Everyone knows this story never ended well
but nobody will face a cat they really can’t bell.
And it is the same thing over and over again
an unending cycle of starts and stops
an unhindered loop of beginnings and endings
it is all a rotation of war and peace.
A boy listens to the lunch time ring of a bell
and he decides that this is the time he’ll learn to spell.
Not because this boy loves to spell
but the idea of home to him is just stale,
some crazy men shelled their homestead.
And it is the same thing over and over again
an unending cycle of starts and stops
an unhindered loop of beginnings and endings
it is all a rotation of war and peace.
But everyone says they’ve seen it all before,
that there’s nothing shocking about this war,
if there was, it doesn’t shock anymore.
It’s all come to numerical sums of numbers,
it is a ridiculous game you really can’t follow
and it is the same thing over and over again
an unending cycle of starts and stops
an unhindered loop of beginnings and endings
it is just a rotation of war and peace.

                                                                  – Sanya Noel

Eeeeek!!! I’m so very excited. Can you tell?
The only thing ultimately cooler than guest posting is being the host of a guest post (insert smiley ‘surprise!!’ face).

I am hosting  Sanya Noel, a blogger I had been following for a while before running into him at an Amka Space session. I’m glad to announce that I kept my cool, so ‘Yeiiih’ for me. Go check out his blog over at Move Breathing, where he writes poetry as well as pieces on life stuff, writing and writers and reading. I also like the fact that I get to find out about books on poetry and other subjects from his posts.

Enjoy, and Happy Weekend!!

Guest posting and other cool links

I am deliriously happy to announce my guest posting feature over at The Real G Inc. I met this cool guy who owns the blog, at a Storymoja Hay Festival meeting where I, by the way, am interning (whoop whoop!). So we got to talking and he expressed his wish to have more poetry on his blog.

I was more than happy to get in touch with him and later, this MAGIC happened!
I present to you:

Girl Child, Mild Child

Girl child, mild child
I had my dolls for babies
Played house with friends
Where I’d stay home and cook
While the boys went to work
Girl child, wild child
I wore long pants, never skirts
Defied mother and climbed trees
I wouldn’t stand being left behind
While my brothers had their fun
Girl child, no longer a child
Married before I realised my dreams
Before passing my sell by date
And all my education was for naught

For I stayed home and cooked.

                                                -Miss Daisy

Go over and check it out as well as visit the Storymoja Festival page, because this year’s Hay Festival will be amazing! 

Endeavours in French

Nous Sommes Fous
Tu es extrêmement timbré, je te dis
Si tu crois que je suis de retour
Quelles fariboles!
Tu me rends impuissante
Avec tes mots qui m’aveuglent
Qui ambiancent mon cœur
Et dans l’état de confusion
J’oublie tous tes crimes.
Tu es fou, je le sais, fou de moi
Et moi aussi, je suis une meuf de ouf
Car je bois à tire larigot
Les mémoires de notre amour
Enfin, je m’enlivre
Marchant en zigzag
Je décide de te quitter.
                                        -Miss Daisy
This is a poem I submitted for the Fete de la francophonie. The challenge was to use certain words in a creative piece, written, sung or even drawn. I highlighted the words.
The poem translated:
We are mad
You are extremely mad
If you believe that I’m back
Such nonsense!
You leave me powerless
With your words that blind me
That fill my heart with pleasantries
And in a state of confusion
I forget all your crimes
You are crazy, I know it, crazy about me
I too, I am a mad woman
For I drink too much
The memories of our love
At last, I am drunk
Going in zigzag
I decide to leave you.

Last Friday Night

Well, as I’d mentioned, last Friday (17th of May) I performed my first piece. It was amazing and scary, exciting and such fun, all at the same time. I was one half of a duet and we did pretty well for first timers. I barely remember being aware of myself during the whole thing but I know I enjoyed it…such is shock!

I would like to thank all my friends who turned up to offer their support, paparazzi prowess and voices that made for the loudest and most encouraging cheers. I won’t forget those friends who couldn’t make it, but sent their best wishes. You guys are amazing, thank you.

The venue was St. Andrews Church during the Eve of Poetry – an event that takes place on the third Friday of every month from 5.30 pm to 8.00 pm. I know you want to check it out. The next one’s on the 21st of June. Just to put it bluntly, this is an open invitation.

Since I couldn’t get a hold of the entire piece combined, I’ll just post my part. Trust me on this though, the two poems with the blending styles of writing and performance was something different. Check out Pablo’s blog here.

This month’s theme was ‘My Friend Called Music’. Here’s my part of the poem, The Master’s Playlist:

Don’t you sing in melody
Sounds of the sweet symphonies
Shut your eyes and feel it run in you
Sway to the plucking of the strings
Or rather move to the beat
And tap your feet, fingers snapping
To a second heart beat
Move, move to the new rhythm of love
Falling to the earth from up above
From angels’ lips on high
Opening up like the morning glory
Teach us new ways to give thanks.
Make music now, make sweet music
To move the souls of men
The happy journey to His heart
Strike the chords of love
With love
With all the vigour that you can muster
Sing today, sing, sing your song
Make it your own, for the Master.
                                                    -Miss Daisy

Neuroscience- Looking into my head

Synesthesia is a surreal blending of sensation, perception and emotion.
Because we live in God’s magical cauldron, we are all different in beautiful, special ways. In my new favourite neuroscientist’s (V. S. Ramachandran’s) words:

Some of us are synesthetes, experiencing the world in extraordinary ways, seeming to inhabit a strange no-man’s-land between reality and fantasy. They taste colour, see sounds, hear shapes or touch emotions in myriad combinations.
About a third of all poets, novelists and artists (creative people in general) have had synesthetic experiences. This is about one in six creative people. Just as synesthesia involves making arbitrary links between seemingly unrelated perceptual entities such as colour and numbers, Metaphor involves making nonarbitrary links between seemingly unrelated conceptual realms. Coincidence?
If you know me, you probably know that I am going crazy over how amazing this is! This is not a neural pathology, however, I’ve gone into a self ‘diagnosis’ mode and decided that I may be a synesthete. Why not? I wonder whether Isaac Newton’s wavelength theory of colour was inspired by his sound-colour synesthesia!! Yes…that league of talented, brainy people who change the world!
Three out of the five members of my family are poets. I found out that my brother is a grapheme-colour synesthete. He see’s numbers with inherent hues. 1 and 4 are white, 3 is grey, 6 is blue, 7 is brown and 10 is red. He also sees musical beats in three dimensional space. That is synesthesia! Small wonder, he is a really good poet.
We both see colours when we close our eyes. I’m not so sure about how special that is. I’ve always thought everyone should see these colours when they focus away from the blackness. The colours I see morph into shapes I know. Let’s put it this way: I see things and I like to think they are glimpses into alternate universes. Magical!
I am a number-line (number-space) synesthete. Too bad I’m not a mathematician (I hate math). I’d have made a genius. I see dates, (days, months and years) time and numbers sequentially, each with it’s very own position in space. It helps me keep track of the past and future, count money and do basic math (when I’m not counting using my fingers). I literally see the future as being in front of me and the past, behind me. I was awake at 3 am. this morning. Recalling that now, I see that moment behind me, on a level just above my head. 3 am. tomorrow is in front of me, above my head. 7 pm. tonight’s in front of me but on a level below 3 am. of any given day.
The year 2001 is behind me just above the year 2000, both closer to my feet than the 90s, say, my year of birth which is behind me, but above my head.

Now, the simplest way to spatially map out numerical sequences would be from left to right (East to West). The way I map mine out seems to be in a North to South ‘hills and valleys’ sort of shape. Oh, I’d love to be a neurologist’s test subject.
I would like to hear from anyone who thinks they are synesthetes. It would be amazing!!

When your hair don’t shine

Let’s play a little game called ‘I have been’. I’ll go first, okay?

I have been so down that my hair lost its shine. I fact, I am so down right now, my hair’s so dull and sad. The first reason is that I spent so much money on a certain cosmetic product mistaking it for another. It was my fault, really. I should have taken time to read the label.
Secondly, I have just been corrected. It has been a week of that, and it’s only Wednesday. While I don’t mind correction, it gets me down for a couple of reasons: It’s always about something that I have been thinking of changing, something I hate people doing but didn’t realise I also do it, or something that I’ve been doing subconsciously all this time but no one (till now) thought to point out.
Oh wait, there’s one more thing that’s getting me even lower in today’s particular situation. While my mistake was corrected in the most gentle of ways, self conscious ol’ me had to get it in my head that every time I see this person who corrected me, said person will always be judging me about it. That never happens, right? I mean, I certainly do not judge people after correcting them.
Every cloud has a silver lining. My silver lining this afternoon’s that this low feeling I have, just generated a post. When I decided to start a blog, I thought my excitement and gusto to write posts (even if not daily) would last forever! I couldn’t possibly see myself having nothing to write about. Till today. I got home thinking how I really had nothing to say. But that changed, clearly.

My view from the front seat- Campaign vehicle
 I just remembered!! The highlight of my morning was the inter campus ride on the school bus today. I love, love, simply LOVE riding in the bus, sitting right at the front next to the door…! Sigh, simple pleasures!
Right next to the door

Before I leave, I make a tribute to love! It’s beautiful, sad, magical and tragic. Check out Thought of You by Ryan Woodward   It’s a beautiful blend of music, dance, art and love! It really is worth your time.

How to wait

Have you ever not looked forward to something for such a long time, allowed it to grow into an evil, undefeatable monster in your mind that when that moment comes you might just pass out and die? I haven’t.
OK. I have. Like three thousand times already. So when my ‘that moment’ came this week, I was so surprised at how non-panicky and numb I was feeling. But then again, have you ever began doing something that you’ve feared for quite a while, and as you went along your red carpet of hope began to unfurl out of nowhere, for you to walk on?
Outside my window, today
I write this with such overwhelming hope for a positive outcome that I might just burst into incredulous laughter! And it feels like the cross of tribulation I’ve been carrying has began to get lighter (or might I simply be getting accustomed to its weight?) and lighter.
As my moment passes (it ends on the 28th) I realise that I must learn to wait.

“When waiting on the Lord, it’s imperative that we wait correctly…not in fear, impatiently, in arrogance or most of all hopelessly. Waiting requires joy accompanied by the belief that your need or request will be provided by God. If it is good for you and will bless you and others, your request will happen” These are the highly paraphrased words of Iyanla Vanzant in her book Until Today.


       Three Questions
Do you ever find yourself
Swimming away
So fast
But the current carries you
Closer and closer
To the edge of the falls?
Have you ever built a wall
Around you
Towering so high
But it is made of sand
And comes down
Before you are even done?
Do you ever close your eyes
Shielding them
From bright reality
But the darkness reveals
An even clearer image
As seen by your heart?