Of Politics and Food

March 4th- I am proud to announce my taking part in the most historic electoral process of Kenya. It was my first time voting so I was pretty excited. I was at the polling station at a quarter to five and was done in exactly two hours. I do applaud those, like my brother, who were there before 6 and queued for ten hours. I really do applaud the sacrifice and commitment.

So now the country awaits new leaders. The best thing about all this is that we get a week off school to catch up with study, lab reports, novels, friends and MOVIES!! I am so distracted and unfocused…I’m all over the place, going crazy over a weeks holiday: a charged molecule.

A group of friends and I got together today to cook. We made spaghetti bolognaise and chocolate brownies. It was amazing and delicious, at some point I wondered why technology had no way of saving the taste of food for later!!

 After loads of kitchen fun, we had a spectacular meal that everyone loved. Contact me for the recipes!

The meal

Since it’s food I’m showing off, have a look at my minty fish fillet from Monday night…mmmmmmh!!

Minty fish