My lost wanderer,
We really must stop
Meeting like this, half hidden
In shadows in this deserted alley
Where the smell of your skin weaves
And winds itself with the stink
Of cigarette smoke and alcohol.
When will you finally let me
Try to find my smile again?

Maybe I shall find it by
Playing back the sad tones
Dancing in your voice and
The way you sing my name,
Then say I look better today.
I will not forget the sound of your
Footsteps approaching from behind
That rings in my head for hours
Long after you disappear into the night.

Don’t you know that after you leave
I walk to the wall where
I rested my head as I held your body?
Where my dress soaked up your blood
Too precious to let it flow into the soil,
Where I slept with you in my arms
Waiting for help to come, where
I watched your eyes lose the light,
And you wasted your last breath saying my name.

-Miss Daisy


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Joy M says:

    That was…. beautiful, Daisy!!! I’m bookmarking this.


    1. daisyawiti says:

      Thank you, Joy! 🙂


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