Letting you in

How do I clothe my half naked attraction?
Though it has been quite a while,
We all know how these things go:
The secret glances you think went unnoticed,
Heart stopping everytime you hear that name…
Then how every touch sears into your skin
And your arm hairs ripple in…protest?

Maybe I could start acting a little less sober,
Like letting you see beyond what’s in these eyes
And letting myself feel the feather light
Caress of your voice on my heart.
I could even let you draw from my lips
The tales of my tragic past
And let you crawl into my wounds.

-Miss Daisy


I place the mirror by the wall
And sit close to the stranger’s body
Whose eyes look into mine with no recognition.
I resist the urge to look away,
This time I won’t leave till I know her.

I trace every inch of dark skin,
Shut my eyes and hold my breath
Listening to whispered truths
Emanating from this body in waves;
Nothing escapes me.

I will see what they see on this face
When I look up and smile at the sun,
Memorise every breath in my chest
And count the shattering heaves of my heart break.
I will find the point where my tear stains
Meet the furrows of my smile lines,
Then focus on it during all my battles.

I sit infront of the mirror to learn
How to reflect the light of life.
Maybe then I’ll see through myself,
Into the beauty of my being
And find the love within.

-Miss Daisy