Clear blue skies above
Not a single cloud in sight
Hard baked clay beneath
Her bare, ashy feet
You can hardly tell them apart
Both are brown, dry,

The violent sun’s heat
That wilted all vegetation
Does not deter her
From her chores today
Grinding the last of the maize
A final meal to renew her energy
For tomorrow, she will till again
Her barren piece of land

The child on her back
Awakens with a shrill cry
Feeding time, she sighs
Won’t be long now
Before her body runs out
Of what she wouldn’t call milk
Then the baby too, will starve.
-Miss Daisy


Love, my love for you
Is pure, white as the new snow
Not tainted by the world
However hard it tries
Different from any other, you see
My love is an asylum
And you dwell within my
Four soft, white cushioned walls
With just the one barred window
But you’d never want to leave
The confines of my heart

                                          – Miss Daisy

Two poems


Loud is the silence that grows
Deep like a ridge between us
Separating east from west
It cannot carry the sound of  the attempts
At a conversation much needed
Then we become prisoners
Punished when the quiet air around us
Grows heavy on our minds, hearts
Which of us will free the other?

                                              -Miss Daisy

Chasing Sunsets

I’ve always been chasing sunsets
The perfect moment
Between the day and the night
Puffy golden orange clouds
I never fancied silver linings
For when the skies are
Scattered with colours

And the day is closing her eyes
I begin to ache for tomorrow’s
Show of lights to commence.

                                           -Miss Daisy


A friend of mine has been all but gently nudging me to venture into the shark infested waters that is controversial themes. Now, I have never been one to stir the pot or make a wave. Maybe I have done it for so long that I have come to know a life where I do not want, maybe do not need, to cause ripples. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? You be the judge.
I think controversy differs in definition in the different dictionaries that are our lives. Having stated that, I will describe controversy in my eyes. I find that there are two types of controversy. Of course, there’s the general controversy that gets everyone talking. These are scandals involving topics that colour the news such as who just came out of the closet, abortion, human rights…you know, those topics which you know if so and so were to state their opinion, we’d never stop talking.
Then there’s controversy for me. I might say I am reserved, so often when we are done talking about ‘worldly’ things, I’ll go to my like-minded friend and make shocked faces while recounting the ideas and opinions you so enthusiastically discussed with me.

What causes controversy in my life are the little, day to day ‘life things’ that may just be shocking only to me and my aforementioned like-minded friend. I will, however, try to express these in future and maybe cause the ripples we sometimes need to spice up life.

Rabbit Hole
You never know until you try
They whispered into our ears
The unknown brings chills of fear
Then again, beckons so gently
Curiosity always catches the cat
And down the rabbit hole we went
Where the walls close in on us
And the daylight fades to black

Falling, falling…

                                                                     -Miss Daisy

White lines

I said we should try this time
Try to keep our distance
You agree and so we begin
We sit face to face on the floor
A thick white line drawn in chalk
Marks the boundary between
My side of the world and yours
Tension thickens the air between us
You move your hand up to your neck
Just as I realise I too am choking
Forget about the spaces between us
For when our breathless bodies
Fell forward, blurring the line
I realised I’d die without you.
                                                -Miss Daisy