Sleeping Beauty

Furtive glances over my shoulder
Heart skips a beat or two
Love at second sight
Maybe I loved you from the first day
All you did and the words you said
Drew me deeper into your eyes
Imprisoned me in your heart
Do not dare turn around
Something about the mystery of it
The tingly sensation of new possibility
And sitting across from you now
It feels like there’s sand in my eyes
If so, let me be sleeping beauty

Just as long as I get to see you.
                                                 -Miss Daisy


Hello lovely people!!
It’s a new year! Happy 2014!!

It’s been a while, I know, but we can pretend I never left. A lot has happened, most of which has taught me to look at life more objectively. My head may still be in the clouds, but a little closer to earth this year.
I have realised, first hand, that God (Life or The Universe) only gives us what we are able to handle. We often look back at events and  ask ourselves how we got out of the various situations, when at the particular moments, we thought we were going to JUST DIE!!

I’ve also learnt to take things calmly and award blame to the guilty party, mostly myself.
I have learnt, finally, how prayer works. We do not always get what we want, when we want it and most importantly, how we want it. Someone out there knows what is best for you.
Now, aside from the vague life lessons of the year past…

Oh wait! Last year I began attending a creative writing session which I found greatly beneficial for my poetry writing. Unlike open mic sessions, this one enables others to openly critique your work without prejudice. A public reading of a piece is done, the author remaining anonymous, after which people give their opinions of the work. The author may, afterwards, choose to reveal him/herself.

Anyway, for the holidays, we had an assignment where we had to write a piece (poem, story or play {one page/act) everyday for 50 days. The aim of this was to accustom ourselves to writing without the need of a muse or a greatly moving life event acting as inspiration. It is hard! But it is working. However, this exercise seems to be revealing ‘strange’ themes that I did not know were running around in my head. That’s good, right?
I intend to share these ‘everyday poems’ this year, as well as some poems I wrote way back when I was starting out. I hope you enjoy them.
Life’s Blood
What lies deep inside is
A quiet kind of love, my kind
Flowing along the edges of my heart
Slowly, steadily rushing
Feeding the body of us
Our life’s blood
It is a winding river
Ripling ever so gently in the wind
Along it’s curved banks and beds
Slowly, steadily rushing
Feeding the sea of us
Our life’s blood
                                         -Miss Daisy