Waiting for the rain

Nobody asked me to wait for the rain
I love the pitter patter on the roof tops
And the scent of damp earth it brings
Once more I will wait for the rain
The same way I wait to see you
I want to see that face
Those eyes that glimmer golden in the sun
And dance to the drums of my foot steps
The smile that arches higher when I’m there
Never wavering until I’m leaving
Even then I see the internal struggle
I want to see that face
That face that falls like the April rain
When the dark clouds of my absence linger
The dazzling rainbow full of promise
At whose end I want to forever tarry
Till the very end of my earth bound days
I want to see that face
Not one of these faces I daily behold
But that which I have not seen yet
That face that will seek these eyes
And draw this smile from it’s hiding place
That face that looms in blurry yonder
I want to see that face
I will wait upon that face
Like desert dwellers wait for the downpour
That which dispels all the land’s sorrow
Washing away the sand clouding my vision
Waiting for you, your face

Nobody asked me to wait for the rain. 
                                                          -Miss Daisy