Use Me

Use me, use me, use me
You will not use me again
I smile when you embrace me
Take me into your arms
Then give me a kiss hello
I really have missed you, you know
But I won’t tell it to you
It doesn’t make me weak
The fact that I am a woman
I just let you win all those times
I so badly want to let go
Allow myself to feel loved
Feel cared for and treasured by you
Give you the chance to use me
Use me, oh, use me
I could say we used each other
Honestly though, you did more than I
For that fragile heart of mine
I showed you then put back on my sleeve
Is cracking at the seams
The strength I have in being a woman
Enables me to love you like I do
Not to use you like you do me
And to love myself enough
To put an end to this at last
Use me, use me, use me?
You will not use me today
Be certain, not tomorrow
Neither my mother, sister nor I

Never use me, her, them, us. 
                                         -Miss Daisy

I wrote this poem some time in April, but did not intend on sharing it with the world…until three days ago.
This month’s theme for The Eve of Poetry was ‘Uncovering the Sheets’. I was not comfortable writing on the theme, but attended the event anyway. During the show I remembered that I actually had something on it. I realised, also, that such are the things we should really speak about even though we are not comfortable…you never know the change you bring.