Last Friday Night

Well, as I’d mentioned, last Friday (17th of May) I performed my first piece. It was amazing and scary, exciting and such fun, all at the same time. I was one half of a duet and we did pretty well for first timers. I barely remember being aware of myself during the whole thing but I know I enjoyed it…such is shock!

I would like to thank all my friends who turned up to offer their support, paparazzi prowess and voices that made for the loudest and most encouraging cheers. I won’t forget those friends who couldn’t make it, but sent their best wishes. You guys are amazing, thank you.

The venue was St. Andrews Church during the Eve of Poetry – an event that takes place on the third Friday of every month from 5.30 pm to 8.00 pm. I know you want to check it out. The next one’s on the 21st of June. Just to put it bluntly, this is an open invitation.

Since I couldn’t get a hold of the entire piece combined, I’ll just post my part. Trust me on this though, the two poems with the blending styles of writing and performance was something different. Check out Pablo’s blog here.

This month’s theme was ‘My Friend Called Music’. Here’s my part of the poem, The Master’s Playlist:

Don’t you sing in melody
Sounds of the sweet symphonies
Shut your eyes and feel it run in you
Sway to the plucking of the strings
Or rather move to the beat
And tap your feet, fingers snapping
To a second heart beat
Move, move to the new rhythm of love
Falling to the earth from up above
From angels’ lips on high
Opening up like the morning glory
Teach us new ways to give thanks.
Make music now, make sweet music
To move the souls of men
The happy journey to His heart
Strike the chords of love
With love
With all the vigour that you can muster
Sing today, sing, sing your song
Make it your own, for the Master.
                                                    -Miss Daisy


Last Friday, I had my first spoken word performance. While it was exciting, I will talk about it on a future post. I just thought I’d fore mention it for suspense purposes…yeah, that’s  how I like to keep this relationship (reader-blogger) interesting.

On to what got me online tonight. I wrote a rather special piece that I’d like to dedicate to a dear, special friend and an ardent reader of my work. I hope you all enjoy it.

For You

Behind those beautiful eyes,
Resides a child-like innocence
Teach me, then we’ll both be staring
Wide eyed, watching the world
As the skyline slowly darkens tonight.
Maybe darkness comes upon me
When your sun finally sets
And you lay your head to rest.
Honestly, I could stay up till the morn
To see the sunrise in your eyes
And feel the warmth of your smile
Before the rest of the world does.
I would go as far as asking you
To set down the world from your shoulders
That I alone may lean on you.

                                                                                                        -Miss Daisy

Kindred Spirits

Of kindred spirits
And frienships in another life
Where have we met before?
From which alternate universe
Does this bond hail?
I know of freedom
And freedom fighters
Of brave souls never forgotten,
Wars that drowned families
In fast flowing rivers of blood.
I’ve seen eyes burn with rage
Hatred explode and harden hearts
Embers of friendship die out
When forgiveness is a word deserted
And we all blame eachother.
In my mind’s eye I’ve watched
Bombs fall from the sky
Firearms aim at helpless victims
And the not-so helpless
But red was the colour on the grass.
I heard screams in the night
Far worse than the ghoul’s mourning
Terror cutting through like a blade
Piercing little children’s hearts
Draining all life in an instant.
That was a lifetime ago, though
A life I once lived and wish I never knew
I look to where the sky kisses the land
I feel hope rising within us 
Like tomorrow’s dawn breaking
See the love for humanity blossom
Like spring daisies in full bloom
And the sun rises anew each day
To fill our lives with light

For we are kindred in spirit.

                                                -Miss Daisy

This is not a love poem- Denial

A while back, I loved you and I loved us
I loved you like soft, tender butterfly wings on my face
We, like baby’s feet on the dewy morning grass
One after the other, together
Stumbling all the way back into my arms.
Yesterday, it seems so long ago
I loved you like the sun’s rays through my window panes
We, like the leaves on the branches that cast shadows on my wall
Swaying in the morning breeze
Disappearing as the sun traveled higher up.
I may not have known it then, now I do
I loved you like the chills that run down my spine
We, like two gently whispered heartbeats
Then the sudden start, as if the heart did stop
When I heard your name in the wind.
I still love you today, in this very moment
I love you like walking in the quiet rain
You, like the deep sigh when I get back home
For when I rest my tired body and close my eyes
I’m thinking about how I loved you, love you.

                                                           – Miss Daisy

Late night poetry


Deep pools drown these dark brown eyes
And I’d tear my hair out to have to glue it back on
For there’s a racing mind then the wringing of hands
Against that cool, unaffected, red brick wall
Didn’t you already know?
Torn open and cut up into tiny, little bits
And I’d give you a piece to walk away with
When you come around, who’s to say I’m better
Don’t give it back, whether you want to or not
I’ll never know, will I?
No consolation will I ever get, that’s for sure
And words will always be just that -words
For if the pen is mightier, then I should fight you now
A battle to the death, the winner taking it all
Would you blow your breath into these starved lungs?
I did let you win, you know.

                                                                 -Miss Daisy

Rose coloured glasses

Lately, I’ve been seeing life a little differently… in a good way.

First off, I must say that my sense of humour has grown, rather, my funny bone. I have found humour in the subtle puns of day to day life and in more of the seemingly ordinary phrases. I say more, because I have always found humour in those phrases. Now, though, it seems a tad too exaggerated. No complaints here.

I believe that when life closes a door, it opens a window to help us deal with it. Because life has caused my rose coloured glasses to fade, I will say that life has closed my windows. In light of this rather unique circumstance, I now have the open door of humour to help me cope. 

It is for that reason that I find myself (I’m not bragging) endowed with, shall I say, the power of enlightenment. I feel as though I know what life is all about. I have been dealt many a blow. I just rolled with the punches. In light of my first point, I need not mention the fact that the pun was intended. Oh, (shrugging) I just did.

I am overwhelmingly empathetic of late. I seem to understand and slightly recognise others’ emotions, more so, the ones on the darker side of the clouds. I also noticed that I have been vicariously experiencing the music I’ve been listening to. I’ve swayed to the highs and said my ‘Amens’ to the lows of all those songs, all of which make complete sense to me. The fact that I created a playlist several days ago, that I’ve had on loop, has absolutely nothing to do with it. 

Having duly explained all this, I can comfortably say that I’ve been though everything the wind could blow my way. I feel like I understand it all- maybe all, except a certain course unit whose notes I’m struggling to get through and the reason why life is not in ‘cinematic 3D’. All in all, I feel a lot wiser and wouldn’t be surprised if I found two more grey hairs sprouting on my head. 

Happy May day.