Holiday Tuesday

Yesterday morning, I’d been thinking about the dynamics of friendship. How two people can feel like they’ve known each other all their lives, yet they just met. I have a couple of people in my life with whom I have that connection. By a couple, I mean about two people. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, it probably wouldn’t be as beautiful if there were many such people. It makes it kinda special.
Then I started thinking about writing something that will move hearts to come together, something that will change points of views and provoke thoughts in the minds of great thinkers, something that will be remembered long after I’m gone. I thought of writing a piece so remarkable it would shake your world when you read it.

What I did come up with, may or may not be as brilliant as I’d have dreamed. I wrote a poem in the morning traffic on my way to school. I, however, choose not to have it up for the time being for I have a special plan for it…and I kind of want it to remain like a tiny baby in my hands.
What I will put up in its stead, is a poem I wrote while watching the rain fall outside my window. I bet you will never guess what it’s about!!

Shimmering crystals of light
One two three, they fall down
Sparkly diamonds from above
Soaked up by the ground below
Up close I could number each one
Reach out and take a single droplet
But in the quiet distance
It seems a blurry, misty sheet
Falling diagonally and sometimes vertically
Beating the earth like a great drum
The creatures rise up from underground
To dance in the pouring glory
Won’t you join us then
In a dance of renewal and purification
Where we are brought out of ourselves
And into the oneness of life.


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