The freaking Easter weekend

Happy Easter y’all!!

This Easter weekend could not have come upon me soon enough! Talk about exhaustion. My Easter weekend was very eventful. Things happened in a way that I can only explain with the analogy of the snowball effect, and I rolled with it.

Studio time

The good times began with a studio audition. I pretty much hated how I performed of my song. It was just…bleh. But I got a really good deal and I am so excited and cannot wait to get started. I’ll have more details as the thing unfolds and morphs into Plus I met some really cool people and had a great time afterwards.

Today, I was told that my Achilles heel is avoiding issues. I’m talking about those weird, uncomfortable, touchy issues that have me going against my nature as a woman when I don’t address them. I honestly do not think it’s true. I pick my battles and avoid confrontations. Addressing my issues would cause very many confrontational situations. How do I live like this? Well, you’d be surprised how the brain is capable of repressing memories and thoughts for our well being.

Enjoy the break, guys. I’ll be catching up on school work.

I want

 This has been an eventful week for me, and a bit emotional but I won’t get into that. I am finding out a lot about people and learning to look at them objectively. Does that make sense? I have also discovered that I am growing. Yeah, how about that? I’ve been looking back at some mistakes I have made with very little or no urge at all to regret and want to take them back. Someone once said, ‘Live and let learn’. I think it was a movie, because I have serious grammar-related issues with that statement. It was definitely not something I read.

Microscopic capsulated organisms
I love microorganisms
Lately, lab sessions have been very social, and frankly, lots of fun. I’d like to share an obscure poem semi-co-written (Oh, it’s more complicated than that!!) by two biochemists in the making… one of them being me. (Just in case that part wasn’t so obvious.)
Here’s to obscurity, because this poem does have a deeper meaning, though it may not seem like it.
I want
I want earphones as big as speakers
That will send the musical tremors
Resounding, reverberating in my chest
Pounding hauntingly
Moving and swaying me.
I want
I want lollipops that fall like rain
That give me a rush long enough
For three hours of crazy, wild dancing
Like insanely concentrated adrenalin shots
Yeah, that’d probably kill me.
I want
I want a car like the passing clouds
To change colour like the weather
Light as a breeze, plus I’d need no fuel
I’d float away like magic fairy dust
And never get stuck in traffic.
I want
I want to live large like a boulder
To shake the world when I roll
With a soft bed of moss on my side
To hear the whispering trees all day
And the secrets of the insects beneath me.
                                                              -Miss D. and G.J.

I happened upon this 4-legged insect on the strangest shaped spider web of all time!! I’m sorry for the obscurely taken shot… yeah, it happens to be my word of the day in all its forms!!
X marks the spider web

Song writing

This entire week I’ve been thinking about music. I was bitten by the music bug. I’ve had this immensely strong urge to write a song and sing it. I have to admit, though, writing a song for me does not come as easily as writing a poem. I know a song is technically a poem, but in my head, not really.

I love music and I wish life was a musical. I wish everyone would burst into song for no reason at all. I’ve been listening to Ed Sheeran and Labrinth : talk about inspiration and pressure!! I want to write songs like theirs and play the guitar as well as they do. I really wish that sheer desire was all it took to achieve musical greatness.

My song

So I wrote verse one yesterday (for some reason it took me a great amount of strength to come upon that recollection and somehow, I don’t seem to remember when I did it!!) and finished the rest of it a little while ago. I’m still working on the tune and guitar accompaniment. It’s proving to be tough!!

My baby Taylor guitar

In other news, I’m happy to announce that earlier this week, I started the book The Tell-Tale Brain that I’d mentioned earlier. I like how things are going.

Of Politics and Food

March 4th- I am proud to announce my taking part in the most historic electoral process of Kenya. It was my first time voting so I was pretty excited. I was at the polling station at a quarter to five and was done in exactly two hours. I do applaud those, like my brother, who were there before 6 and queued for ten hours. I really do applaud the sacrifice and commitment.

So now the country awaits new leaders. The best thing about all this is that we get a week off school to catch up with study, lab reports, novels, friends and MOVIES!! I am so distracted and unfocused…I’m all over the place, going crazy over a weeks holiday: a charged molecule.

A group of friends and I got together today to cook. We made spaghetti bolognaise and chocolate brownies. It was amazing and delicious, at some point I wondered why technology had no way of saving the taste of food for later!!

 After loads of kitchen fun, we had a spectacular meal that everyone loved. Contact me for the recipes!

The meal

Since it’s food I’m showing off, have a look at my minty fish fillet from Monday night…mmmmmmh!!

Minty fish