The last few days

Hello, beautiful people!!
Okay, I have not posted for a really long while. It’s not that I completely forgot (hahaha..of course not!) that I even had a blog, I have just been really preoccupied lately. I’m not such a good multi tasker as I may seem.

‘Life’ has happened to me…a lot!! Really good life stuff has been happening to me. Of course, it really wouldn’t be life is some weird and not so good (not all bad) stuff happened too. All these things have shown me who I really am. I am not that good a person. I have an evil side.

I say this in the guiltiest and humblest of ways. It had really never hit me how we assume we’d make certain decisions in certain situations and then go ahead to do the complete opposite thing when the situation came along. So, that was me this week. When I came to, I was horror stricken and scandalised and oh, so ashamed of myself.

The good parts, well, I did crazy-brave things that had me quite taken aback. I guess, now, I probably would not put some things past me. I’m pretty ‘bad’…the good meaning.

Aside from that, schools been pretty amazing…*dreamy eyes*. We’ve been digesting bacterial DNA and are now cloning it. I love speaking in scientific jargon and making no apologies!! NONE!!
I still am yet to complete the reading of The Happiness Hypothesis…a few more days, I promise you!

Before I finish off, some pictures that have made my days!!

Our TV exploded…a friend of mine offered to help me protest its absence.

The Historic Presidential debate I missed…yeah, no TV

This was sent to me on Valentine’s Day….ha.ha.ha…

I know people who cook like this

This speaks for itself


I have been reading Jonathan Haidt’s book for far too long…I’m quite ashamed of myself. I really want to go ahead and justify myself by saying that I had a busy Christmas break (that’s when I get most of my reading done) and did not get time to finish it. I really do…in fact, I just did!! I was super busy and so I carried the book over to this year with great intentions of finishing it before mid February…which happens to be this coming week. 
I am enjoying this book. It attempts, rather successfully, to explain the psychology behind happiness. It is an interesting read that provokes one to reevaluate what has been known (ancient wisdom) while considering modern psychological findings. It is written quite simply and clearly, one need not worry about psychological jargon. If you happen to come across it, pick up a copy!

Neuroscience is my next venture. I long to begin reading Ramachandran’s The Tell-Tale Brain. This author made waves in the neuroscientific world some time last year and so when I saw my Uncle with his book, I made sure that I’d get it. So it sits here, calling me to start reading it. Next week, I should answer that call…and so should you!!

Fish fillet and a party

During the previous week, I made oven fish fillet. It was delicious!! The fish was marinated for three hours in the fridge with a marinade comprising: a teaspoon of yoghurt, salt, mixed spices and dried mint. It was cooked in the oven for an hour at 180 degrees C. It was so tasty, we (my family and I) ate it all before I remembered to take a picture of the cooked product. Take my word for it though, it turned out great.

Ready to cook

 Yesterday (Saturday) I attended a friend’s son’s first birthday party. I admit, I didn’t think I would have fun, but everyone had such a wonderful time despite the fact that it ended at 6.30 pm!! There was good food, music (what is thought to be good music in this era), a couple of kids playing video games and great company from strangers and friends alike. Best of all, I made the fun half of a pair of cool aunts who did not buy him a toy, but a book and crayons! The education system awaits a new student with glee!

From fun aunties with Neon Love

      Ghost of You
City lights
Outside the window
Painted stars
On the canvas
Of night so black.
Eyes looking into mine
Bated breath
You close in
Come no closer
I won’t draw back.
Fading away
Leaving your breath
On my face
Palm pressed
Against mine.